Lumineers at Biscayne Dental Center offer a new smile without the pain associated with traditional veneer installation. Lumineers are designed as incredibly thin veneers that are attached to teeth without any invasive practices. No drilling. No shots. No pain. Just a beautiful smile.

We install Lumineers that last for at least 20 years, but that take only two meetings to completely install. The main benefit of Lumineers is their convenience and flexibility of installation. Although not a permanent fix for oral health issues, Lumineers are a great choice for anyone that wants to better the aesthetics of their smile.

There are a variety of benefits to Lumineers that include the following and much, much more.

  • Color matched veneers
  • Elimination of pain in installation
  • No drilling necessary
  • A minimum amount of visits for installment
  • Precision molds for a perfect fit
  • Options for use of LUMITray technology


We install Lumineers in order to meet the needs of people who could use a boost to increase the confidence in their own smile. Since these veneer-like installations are so thin, the flexibility allows them to make drastic improvements on even the most challenging smiles. Before and after images of Lumineer installation are often quite impressive.

Matching patients shade and shape to the individual client allows for increased customization. Each tooth can be placed and shaped one after another, ensuring a stable and attractive option that matches the aesthetics of a natural smile. There are also now ways to change the aesthetics of all teeth at the same time through the use of LUMITray technology.


Lumineers, although able to provide natural-looking smiles, are a completely reversible solution to improving a smile. A couple of simple appointments allows individual to completely uninstall the veneers. For individuals who simply want a temporary fix to aesthetic issues, Lumineers are the clear choice for reversible treatments.

Although these installations are reversible, this does not mean that they are not durable. Over multiple scientific tests are research studies, Lumineers show an impressive lifespan of over 20 years on average. There are many reasons to choose Lumineers as the treatment of choice for individuals with aesthetic oral conditions.


Lumineers are perfect solutions for everything from chipped teeth, to cracked teeth, and even more advanced conditions like misaligned teeth. Since other treatments for such issues take months, it is no wonder that Lumineers have increased in popularity in the recent past. Even discoloration is easily solved with the quick installment of Lumineers.

At Biscayne Dental Center, you can be sure you will receive personalized attention and individual solutions to oral health and smile aesthetics. Since digital design is utilized, our clients are able to preview the Lumineers that are to be installed. Custom Lumineers can be previewed, installed, and enjoyed in very few appointments and can be completely uninstalled for any future dental work desired.

For a quick procedure that offers custom aesthetics and a reversible installation, make an appointment with our office in North Miami to discuss Lumineer options.

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