How are Dental Implants and Osteoporosis Connected?

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With the advent of titanium posts for securing dental implants, patients can now receive a more permanent fix for any amount of missing teeth. Implants are also utilized to maintain facial structure to aid in preventing bone deterioration associated with completely missing teeth. However, several factors may affect the success of dental implants in Sunny Isles, FL.

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The Link Between Osteoporosis and Dental Implants

How are They Connected?

Dental implants in Sunny Isles FL are frequent and common treatment solutions for tooth replacement. However, before everything else, an assessment to determine the medical condition of the patient is essential before the treatment begins. In this way, it can be guaranteed that no complications will develop and to ensure that a successful treatment will be achieved.

As a result of the assessment, systemic conditions in patients may be found. An example of this is osteoporosis. It is a disease that affects bone strength, making it a bit challenging for the dentist to place the implants. Osteoporosis is more common in women who are in the stage of post-menopause. Likewise, this bone condition affects the micro-architecture of the bone and weakens the bone mass, increasing bone fragility, and making it even harder to attach the dental implants.

Can Patients with Osteoporosis Get Dental Implants?

As a general rule, dental implants in Sunny Isles FL are one of the popular dental treatments to have a high success rate. Although osteoporosis may add to the complexity of the treatment, it does not automatically mean that you can no longer avail of dental implants. Hence, it is always best to visit your dentist so he or she can assess the condition of your teeth.

Effect on Lifestyle and Reduction of Risks

It is an undeniable fact that osteoporosis can affect your lifestyle. If not treated at an earlier stage, you may develop a stooped posture, low self-esteem, increased anxiety, and increased pain. To reduce risk factors, you need to have your condition diagnosed, take supplements that are rich in Vitamin D, and calcium, and you will have to perform regular exercises.

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Where to Get Dental Implants in Sunny Isles FL

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