Dental Implants in Adolescents: When Is It Safe?

patient about to get dental implants Aventura

When it comes to teens, everything can feel like a waiting game – from the right time to hand over the car keys to deciding when they’re ready for their first smartphone. But when we’re talking about dental health, particularly dental implants in Aventura, timing is more than about maturity; it’s about physical development.  

dental implants aventura

Why Wait?  

Dental implants are a fantastic solution for missing teeth. They look natural, function like real teeth, and are built to last. But with teenagers, timing is everything. Their jaws are still growing, and popping in an implant too soon can lead to a whole host of issues. Since implants don’t grow with the jaw, they can end up looking awkward or causing other teeth to move around incorrectly. 

Most dental professionals agree that implant procedures should wait until jaw growth has ended. This usually means:  

  • Girls: Around 15 to 17 years old 
  • Boys: Usually a bit later, around 17 to 21 years old 

Every teenager is different, and the exact timing can vary. A dentist or oral surgeon can help determine the right time with X-rays and growth studies. 

Alternatives in the Meantime 

So, what happens if your teen loses a tooth before it’s the right time to get dental implants in Aventura? Here are two options: 

  • Bonded bridges: These rely on the neighboring teeth for support and can be adjusted or replaced as your teen grows. 

These alternatives can help maintain the space for a future implant and ensure that other teeth don’t shift, leading to alignment problems down the road. 

patient getting dental implants Aventura

Considering Dental Implants in Aventura for Your Teen? 

In the world of adolescent dental care, getting the timing right for implants is key. While you wait for that perfect moment when your teen’s jaws have stopped growing, you can always opt for temporary solutions to keep their smiles looking great. When the time is right for a permanent fix, we’re here to make it happen with precision and care.  

At Biscayne Dental Center, we’re all about creating healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Call us today, and let’s plan the best path for your teen’s dental health together!