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Did you know that your child should visit the dentist twice a year?  At Biscayne Dental Center, we make sure that your child grows up with a healthy mouth. Keep reading to learn more about the best children’s dentist in North Miami!


Dental Exams

For starters, the health of your child’s mouth begins even before their first tooth comes in. This is why every time we perform an extensive dental exam to analyze your child’s mouth. These include:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Tooth decay exam
  • Gum disease assessment
  • Assessing current fillings in the mouth
  • Growth and development evaluation


Dental Cleaning

In addition, during our dental cleanings, we remove plaque and remove stains from teeth. Typically, cleanings are performed when the child is 3 years old. Equally important, is that your child has a scheduled dental cleaning every 6 months to prevent plaque buildup.



Furthermore, we specialize in sealants to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. Sealants are made out of a clear plastic material that is applied to the chewing ridges of the back teeth. In fact, these sealants are a safeguard against plaque, food, and acid causing tooth decay.


Moreover, sealants are assessed at every check-up at our office. It’s important to make regularly scheduled check-ups to secure the health of your child’s teeth!


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Last but not least, we know that oral health begins at childhood. We love giving your child a healthier, brighter smile! Visit our office today to make an appointment!