Can Smoking Damage Your Dental Implants?

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Do you currently have dental implants, or are you planning to get them? If so, you might want to know how certain bad habits like smoking can harm your dental implants in Sunny Isles, FL. If you want to learn more about the effects of smoking on your dental implants, here are some valuable facts to help you quit smoking.  

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Smoking’s Effects on Your Implants  

Wound Healing and Recovery   

One reason smokers are recommended to stop smoking before having implant-related treatments is that it can adversely affect their healing and recovery. Smoking can impair wound healing and the success of dental implants and implant-related oral surgery. It’s best to quit smoking entirely if you’re planning on getting implants.   

Adverse Effects on Your Dental Health   

Your oral health can suffer from nicotine and tobacco’s negative impacts in several ways. Besides damaging your implants, smoking can also affect how successfully a dental implant procedure goes. The following are some harmful effects of smoking that may have an impact on your oral health:  

  • The tissues in your mouth and bones receive less blood and oxygen when you smoke, slows healing and immune system defenses.  
  • The bone and gums that support your implants can deteriorate due to tooth decay and gum disease brought on by a lack of saliva.  
  • Smoking harms or obstructs the salivary glands, which causes the oral tissues inside the mouth to burn, resulting in a dry mouth.  
  • Because healing requires more oxygen and blood flow, nicotine exposure weakens your body’s defenses and hinders its ability to mend itself in general. 

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Smoking or using other tobacco products has no long-term benefits for your dental health. If you’re looking for a dedicated team to help you manage your dental health, our professionals at Biscayne Dental Center can offer you the required assistance. Give us a call today to get started on your dental implants!