Can Osteoporosis Hinder My Dental Implants Treatment?

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There are several pieces of published research that show female patients with osteoporosis can avail of dental implants Sunny Isles FL treatment. Likewise, the research proves that clinical outcomes are likely to be as successful as non-osteoporotic female patients. It can be inferred that 1 of 2 women over 50 years old can expect bone fractures because of poor bone health. So as to decrease the new fractures and disease progression, patients usually receive medication that stabilizes your bone. Notable adverse effects from a certain medication that resulted from dental bone surgery or tooth extractions are often conducted to secure your bone structure.  

who offers dental implants sunny isles fl?

The Link Between Osteoporosis and Dental Implants

Better Tissue and Bone Response After Treatment

When the treatment of dental implants Sunny Isles FL was still novel, a lot of surgeons often hesitated to conduct dental implants in individuals with known osteoporosis, on account of bone insufficiency and the negative impacts that the medication can cause during your post-surgical recovery. This thought has prevented numerous individuals from receiving this kind of treatment. Instead, they have been forced to live with poor dental quality of life, reduce self-confidence, and accept ill-fitting dentures in addition to the dangers caused by bone disease. The good news is, this exaggerated precaution in dental implants Sunny Isles FL surgery is no longer admissible. Recent studies conclude that individuals with osteoporosis present similarly good outcomes to a non-osteoporotic group.

High Implant Survival Rate

In a research conducted recently, all dental implants Sunny Isles FL had to osseointegrate completely during the recovery period before the implants could be loaded with bridges and crowns. It was discovered that the initial implant stability was lower in the group with an osteoporosis condition compared to those who are healthy; however, all dental implants were weighted. 

who offers dental implants sunny isles fl?

Do You Have Osteoporosis But are Still in Need of Dental Implants Sunny Isles FL?

Availing of a dental implant surgery requires expertise. Moreso, if you have a bone disease, it is essential that you hire the services of an expert with a lot of experience. Simply contact us so we can provide you with a fast and reliable dental service.