Best Miami Dentist | What is Root Canal Therapy?

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Did you know that sensitive teeth are a common sign that you have a root canal? At Biscayne Dental Center, we have effective root canal therapy treatments to remove the decayed tooth. Keep reading for more information about the best Miami dentist!



What It Is

In the first place, a root canal is a procedure to remove the infected center of your tooth. This center is also known as the “pulp”—the inside of your tooth containing nerve endings, blood vessels, and tissue.

As such, your infected tooth is decaying and must be removed before sharp pain begins to set in.




Am I At-Risk?

Moreover, there are many symptoms that you should be aware of before root canals become excruciating. Please visit us if you are experiencing:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity (hot and cold temperatures)
  • Gum tenderness



Our Root Canal Therapy

Furthermore, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable when undergoing a root canal. First, we will numb the affected area and make sure that no moisture from saliva is present as such.

Then, an opening is created in order for root canal file placement. These files remove damaged nerve tissue in its entirety and the canal is cleaned. We will then seal your tooth with a filling and place a crown on top to protect the treated area.


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Are You Looking for the Best Miami Dentist?

Last but not least, we are your leaders for root canal therapy in the Miami area. Your smile is a valuable asset to you and preventative measures are our specialty, so you can live your best life. Contact us today to make an appointment!