Most Common Sports-Related Tooth Injury

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Sports injuries are not rare, and athletes experience all kinds of injuries when they play their game. One of the most common injuries is tooth injury. Although this may not be very alarming, an Aventura dentist states that tooth injuries need immediate dental intervention to avoid further infection in the affected area.

Top 3 Tooth Injuries Associated with Sports

Tooth intrusion is an injury that occurs when the tooth is moved back into the jawbone because of the impact. It may lead to severe problems such as shortening of the root and destruction of the tooth pulp. Tooth intrusion may also result in ankylosis. According to an Aventura dentist, this condition happens when the root fuses with the alveolar bone.

Fractured Roots

Your tooth is not the only thing that may be fractured. A sports injury may also result in fractured roots. It happens when the crack begins at the edge of the root. Since this injury is not visible, you will only notice this when an infection develops.

According to our Aventura dentist, fractured roots differ in severity based on where the injury is situated. There are instances when you will need a root canal to fix the broken root. Hence, it is essential that you undergo a root canal as soon as possible to minimize the risk of losing your tooth. 

Cracked or Knocked-out Teeth

A knocked-out tooth is a common injury after having encountered mouth trauma. Sometimes, these cracks may be minor, but there are times when the fractures are severe. Minor injuries do not require immediate dental intervention. However, when it comes to severe dental injuries, the services of an Aventura dentist are highly needed. If left untreated, a knocked-out or cracked tooth will jeopardize your dental health.

Symptoms of Tooth Injuries

In case your tooth injury is not apparent, or there are no outward signs of the damage, you may check for symptoms. Examples of pain are eating or drinking foods and beverages, intermittent tooth pain, or severe pain and discomfort when chewing or biting.

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Seek Dental Treatment from an Aventura Dentist

The best way to avoid dental problems is to visit the dentist and allow him or her to examine your condition. Contact Biscayne Dental Center today to know whether your sports injury will cause you dental problems.