Can Braces Prevent You From Playing Musical Instruments?

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One of the most common inquiries we get, as well as, the major concerns for most teenagers who are about to get their braces done is whether or not they can still play their musical instruments. Any musical instrument that entails the use of the mouth may seem like it’s not allowed when you have braces; however, the truth is that your traditional braces do not affect your capability to play. According to an Aventura dentist, although there is an adjustment period before you can play your instrument again, it will still be possible for you to play after a couple of days.

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Tips You Need to Know

Consider a Braces Alternative

If you think that you will feel uncomfortable with your braces despite the lapse of the adjustment period, an Aventura dentist said that you may consider braces alternative like clear aligners. While traditional braces normally have fewer effects on your ability to play your musical instruments, there are still musicians that don’t want to waste time like not playing during the adjustment period. There’s no substitute for the best. Invisalign has been offering people a non-invasive way to straighten their teeth for years, perfecting and streamlining the process. Efficient and painless, Invisalign is the answer to braces. Thus, if braces will cause you a problem, you should opt for other available options.

Practice is Key

As stated by an Aventura dentist, musicians who had traditional braces done must know that they need to use more breath while playing. Apart from using more breath while playing, it is also essential that you put in a number of hours of practice before your performance. When school starts, you may be anxious about getting back into playing your musical instrument. However, practice is always the key to make you feel more at ease. In this way, you will be able to fully adjust to playing your musical instrument with your braces. 

what offers an Aventura dentist?

Express Your Concerns to an Aventura Dentist

If you think that the above-mentioned tips won’t work when it comes to your situation, schedule an appointment with our professionals so you will be given other tips or guidelines that will suit you.