Aventura Dentist | What Are the Benefits of Lumineers?

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The most valuable accessory you own is your smile! There is no better way to take care of them than with our specialized Lumineers! Learn more about this non-invasive smile below with your best Aventura Dentist!


What It Is

First things first, Lumineers are extremely thin veneers that attach to your teeth. These are a great solution if you want a non-permanent solution for chipped or cracked teeth.

They help improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, so you can feel confident again. Lumineers create natural-looking teeth that will last for 20 years.



Moreover, there are many benefits associated with having Lumineers. These include:

  • Pain-free installation
  • Color-matched shells to your natural teeth
  • Minimal visits for installation

In addition, we offer LUMITray technology, where we can attach your Lumineers all at once. As opposed to the traditional method, where we attach it one-by-one.


What to Expect

Furthermore, we install Lumineers based on the patients’ shade and shape of their natural teeth. Lumineers are non-permanent, meaning that this treatment can be uninstalled at any time. As always, we make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of your smile and making Lumineers the right option for you!


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Lastly, your smile is our top priority. That’s why we are experts in producing the best smile for our patients. Lumineers are the perfect, non-invasive choice on the path to a perfect smile! Contact us today to learn more about your best Aventura Dentist today!