After-care Tips for Dental Implants

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No matter how durable your dental implants are, there’s a great chance of them wearing out if you don’t take care of them properly. If you want your dental implants in North Miami to last longer than they usually do, you should know how to keep them in good shape. So, here’s how you can take care of your implants.

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3 Dental Implants After-care Tips

Watch What You Eat

After your dental implant surgery, you might wonder what food you’re allowed to eat. In the first 48 hours after your surgery, it’s recommended to take only soft and nutritious food. Avoid eating spicy or hot food as well, for they can irritate the surgical site and later on cause bleeding.

Providing your body with proper food after your dental surgery helps you heal faster and decreases the risks of postoperative issues.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is not just harmful to your oral health but your entire health as well. Smoking after a dental implant surgery severely affects your chances of successful recovery. Nicotine restricts oxygen flow to your oral tissues, thus a higher chance of implant failure.

If you can’t quit smoking for your health, at least quit while healing on your implants.

Regularly Visit Your Dentist

Having your teeth issues corrected with dental implants doesn’t exempt you from regular dentist visits.

In fact, after undergoing dental surgeries, dental checkups become more vital. It’s still essential to follow your dentist’s instructions when it comes to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. It reduces the risks of getting infections around your surgical site.

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